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Creative Team & Performance Ensemble

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Smet Theatrics aims to foster a learning atmosphere and a pre-professional experience for our performers. Our goal is to provide show experiences in a variety of genres to increase theatrical opportunities for college-students and young actors in the area. We present every show with a concept or twist on the traditional.


The Creative Team began with Smet Theatrics' inception in fall of 2019. Members of the Creative Team are involved in some capacity with every show in a season, oversee bookkeeping, help to select shows, build sets, gather props and costumes, and recruit actors and production staff from the KC area and beyond.

Creative Team members also serve as the Performance Ensemble for a season and are featured in multiple productions. While they are occasionally precast, the Performance Ensemble auditions along with the community to continue the growth of the Smet Theatrics family.

2023 Creative Team photography by Molly Ross.

Current Creative Team

Owner/Artistic Director: Chelsea Smet

Associate Artistic Directors: Maleena Johnson, Alyce Wilson

Managing Director: Dalton Hayse

Technical Director: Tyler Wilson

Resident Lighting Designer: Morgan Stacer

Members-at-Large: Thomas Clark, Ryan McKinley Foster, Jenell Johnson, Abigail Knepper, Jace Nielsen

Former Creative Team Members

Cody Jones (2019-2023)

Cally Beckman (2019-2022)

Anna Kate Potter (2019-2020)

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